United Component F4000R Hurricane R Bike Helmet

United ComponeF4000R Hurricane R Bike Helmet
Spesifikasi Produk
  • The 4 Series is a milestone of UNITED's evolution: it was our first product to use the ground-breaking ISC Technology and the amazing S.M.A.R.T Profile, thena much lighter, smaller and cooler helmet of the high-safety EPU IN-MOLD2 Monobody was born. Since then, enjoying the unbeatable safety and quality of United's EPI IN-MOLD2 technology became no compromise.
  • The F-4000R Hurricane R is UNITED's best seller to date. You can never find a greater helmet of so many high-tech features than the F-4000R in its price range
  • If you want to have the latest technologies and the advanced designs but on a tight budget, look no further than the F-4000RHurricane R. It inherits almost everything from its brother, the F-44R Raden R, and leaves almost nothing to be desired. Enjoy the EPU IN MOLD2 Monobody's quality and safety in a much smaller, lighter and smarter package and at an easier price. No wonder the F-4000R has been one of UNITED's top seller since then

Detail Produk
Usia Dewasa; Size L (58-64cm)
Color: NeoBlade Red/Black, NeoBlade Fuchsia, NeoBlade Silver/White, Lightning3 Matt Black, NeoBlade Blue/White, NeoBlade Yellow/White, NeoBlade Red/White, NeoBlade Black
Identitas Produk
Merek United Component, Nomor dan Nama Model F-4000R Hurricane R
Ukuran L/M
Jenis Produk Helm, Kategori Produk Apparel
United Component 4 Series Bike Helmet United ComponeF4000R Hurricane R Bike Helmet
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