United Component F-38R Lightning R Bike Helmet

United Component F-38R Lightning R Bike Helmet
Identitas Produk
Merek United Component, Nomor dan Nama Model F-38R Lightning R
Ukuran L/M (56 - 62cm)
Jenis Produk Bike Helmet, Kategori Produk Apparel

Spesifikasi Produk
  • As sharp and fast as what it was named, the F-38R Lightning R is always the speedster's favorite. 
  • The aerodynamic style cannot wait to go fast and its 3 full sizes cover a very wide range of head size. 
  • Added by the new colors and the colorful visor this year, the F-38R Lightning R will go even faster than before!

Detail Produk
Usia Dewasa
Warna FlyingWing Black Blue, FlyingWing Black Pink, FlyingWing Black Yellow, Lightning3 Matt Black, Lightning3 Yellow, Lightning3 Blue, FlyingWing Black, FlyingWing Black Red
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