Kolam Renang Bayi Unme QQBB(L) 4-Ring Persegi

UNME Rectangular Air Filled Baby Swimming Pool
Teaching babies how to swim turns out to be more than just fun. Plus, a research from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) shows that baby swimmers have better balance and are also better at grasping at things than non-swimmers. This dissimilarity persists even when children are five years old, when babies who have been taught to swim still outpace their peers. Now, if you don’t have a built-in pool at your house to conduct your kids swimming lesson, we might have a solution for you. Introducing UNME Rectangular Pool!

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Spesifikasi Produk

Packing List:

  • Handpump
  • Swimming Pool
  • Neck Float
  • Repair Patch
  • Instruction Book
  • Thermo Card

As tough as old boots

UNME Rectangular Pool is made up of PVC which has been added with K80. This special PVC material was formulated to produce something that's strong, long lasting, and resistant to UV light, oil, gas, and other chemicals. Plus, it can even withstand hardy winter, as low as minus 18 degrees celcius! Not only that, a highly-elastic material has also been added to make the pool even more robust yet flexible so as to withstand stronger water pressure.

Eco-friendly ink

UNME have integrated the use of environmental ink onto this Rectangular Pool to minimize the odor. It’s like getting the best of both worlds actually, because you can still get the high printing quality only without the harmful additives found in traditional inks, especially those odors which can affect your health in the long run.

Easy to use

This UNME Rectangular Pool is designed with separate individual layers. And, you can easily adjust the height of the pool simply by inflating each individual layer. Besides, bigger holes are provided in each layer for easy inflation. In fact, there is a drain valve located at the base of the pool and a pipe-shaped design protruding outside at the side of this UNME Rectangular Pool for easy drain out.

Detail Produk

Usia New Born
Jender Target: Unisex
Dimensi Produk: Panjang 140cm x Lebar 105 cm x Tinggi 75cm
Dimensi Kemasan 37cm x 19cm x 33cm ,Berat Kotor 5kg

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Merek Unme, Nama Model QQBB(L) 4-Ring Persegi
Jenis Produk Kolam Renang Bayi, Kategori Produk Baby Swimming Pool

Kolam Renang Bayi Unme QQBB(L) 4-Ring Persegi

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