Kolam Renang Bayi Munchkin 90cm x 80cm

Kolam Renang Bayi Munchkin 90cm x 80cm

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Direction of use
  • First insert the supporting poles into the hole, then extend the swimming pool, fill up with water after connecting the drain pipe.Pour the water into pool to 60 - 80%.
  • Water temperature: 36 - 38 degree Celsius. When filling up the pool with water, first fill with cold water, and evenly mix in order to keep the water temperature consistent up and down.
  • The water depth of the swimming pool to be filled with water must comply with the criteria that the baby's soles do not touch the bottom of the pool when swimming.
  • Please check the neck ring when using it, not to be too looses or tight,
  • A baby swims 10 - 20 minutes each time are proper.
  • After using, when it is dry, keep it from strong.

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Usia 0 - 3 Tahun

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Merek Munchkin, Nomor dan Nama Model Kids Quick Up Pool
Ukuran Diameter 90 cm x Tinggi 80cm
Jenis Produk Baby Spa, Kategori Produk Kolam Renang Bayi
Gambar ini Sebagai Ilustrasi Saja. Ketersediaan Warna Produk Dapat Berbeda
Spesifikasi Sewaktu-waktu Dapat Berubah Tanpa Pemberitahuan Terlebih Dahulu

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Produk sejenis: Kolam Renang Bayi

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