Aki Panasonic 6 Volt 12 Ah VLRA untuk Mobil dan Motor Mainan Aki

Aki Panasonic 6 Volt 12AH
Panasonic's tough Valve Regulated Lead Acid rechargeable batteries are designed to provide outstanding performance in withstanding overcharge, overdischarge, and resisting vibration and shock. Compact, these batteries save installation space, while providing full and reliable power. The use of special sealing epoxies, tongue and groove case and cover construction, and long-sealing paths for posts and connectors, assures that Panasonic Sealed Lead Acid batteries will offer exceptional leak resistance, and allow them to be used in various positions.

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Spesifikasi Produk

  • Constant voltage charge
  • Voltage Regulation
  • Cycle Use: 7,25V~7,45V (25 C)
  • Initial current less than 4.8A
  • Standby Use: 6,8V ~ 6,9V (25 C)


  • High quality and reliability
  • Exceptional deep discharge recovery
  • No corrosive gas generation
  • Long service life
  • Quick chargeability
  • High power density
  • Maintenance-free operation


  • UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supplies)
  • Emergency lighting and alarms 
  • Telecom back-up power supplies 
  • Cycling, back-up and main power applications

Detail Produk

Dimensi Produk: 15cm x 5cm x 9,5cm
LC-R Series: For main and standby power source


  • Do not charge in a gas tight container
  • Do not short the battery terminal
  • Do not incinerate
  • Flush with water at once if contact is made with electrolyte (Acid)

Identitas Produk

Merek Panasonic, Nomor dan Nama Model LC-R0612NA (6V, 12Ah/20HR)
Tegangan 6 Volt, Kapasitas 12 Ampere Hour (Ah)
Jenis Produk Valve Regulated Lead-Acid Battery, Kategori Produk Aki untuk Mobil dan Mainan Aki
Gambar ini Sebagai Ilustrasi Saja. Ketersediaan Warna Produk Dapat Berbeda
Spesifikasi Sewaktu-waktu Dapat Berubah Tanpa Pemberitahuan Terlebih Dahulu

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