Bicycle Riding Learning Tips for Children

Learning to Ride

A child's work is play. Learning to ride a bike should be a natural extension of that play. It is one of the great moments of childhood, the sudden discovery that you can ride a bike, the sense of triumph at being able to propel yourself along. It should be easy, yet so often we get it wrong by trying to teach a child to ride instead of letting the child discover how to ride. A common mistake is to add a set of stabilsers to the two-wheeler of a child who cannot ride. They prevent the child from experiencing the balance the bike requires. The process outlined here works because it is built around letting the child learn at his or her own speed. It works for countless children and it never failed. Make every step fun, don't hurry it, and move on only when the child is ready and wants to try some new

The Right Bike

To aid confidence, a child should learn on the bike that he or she is going ride regularly. It should be set up so that the child's can reach the brake lever easily.

Wrong Way to Learn
Running behind, holding the back of saddle and waiting to let go, is the hit-and-miss method. If you're lucky, the child starts pedalling and will forget that your hand is no longer there. Invariably, when you take your hand off, your child's confidence and sense of balance disappear with it. All you've done is to create unnecessary anxiety in your child.

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