Bouncer Pliko PK306 Rocking Chair Hammock 3 Phases

1 Pliko PK306 Animal Rocking Chair Hammock 3 Phases in Green
Identitas Produk
Merek: Pliko, Model: PK306 Rocking Chair Hammock 3 Phases
Jenis Bouncer and Rocker, Kategori Produk: Bouncers
Spesifikasi Produk
  • Vibrant coloured light
  • Seat reclining of two positions
  • System of subjection of three points, to assure baby well
  • Bar with toys that you can be offed-hook

  • Phase 1: With the feet of unfolded support and the reclined endorsement, so that your baby rests placidly, it is the position recommend for the baby up to 6 months, that not yet have the muscularity of the developed affluent back.
  • Phase 2: With the right seat and the foot of gathered support, so that your baby has a greater filed of vision at this time of discoveries. In addition will be to play wit toys of the bar.
  • Phase 3: With the right seat and support foot up, so your child rests and balances, utilizing the hammock like a rocking chair.
Detail Produk
Age New Born - 3 years, Maximum weight: 18kg
Kemasan: Berat Kotor: 3kg; Dimensi Kemasan: 60cm x 10cm x 45cm
2 Pliko PK306 Rocking Chair Hammock 3 Phases
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