Bicycle Alarm

Identitas Produk

Merek: GALLOP; Model: JX610
Jenis: Bicycle Alarm; Kategori Produk: Aksesori Sepeda

Spesifikasi Produk

  • Quiver-style Alarm, 110dB High Export Sound
  • Protect the Bike Lock from Destroyed and Prevent the Behavior of Moving the Bicycle by the Thef.
  • Have the Function that the Anti-theft Lock can not Substitue.
  • Code Switch, Convenient to Use, Avoid Key Switch Weakness which Easy to Open with Other Key.

Detail Produk

Operation Instrcution:
  • After Parking the Bicycle, Press "B" fot 2 Seconds. You will Hear 1 Beep if Successful and it will Armed 5 Seconds after the Beep.
  • When Triggered the Alarm will Sound 5 Times and If It is Triggered Again within 5 Seconds It will Sound for 15 Seconds Continuoulsly.
  • Power: 6 F-22 9V Battery 1 Pcs

Status Produk: Diskontinu

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