Sepeda Lipat DOPPELGANGER 215 BARBAROUS - Front and Rear Suspension

1 Sepeda Lipat DOPPELGANGER 215 BARBAROUS - Front and Rear Suspension 2 Sepeda Lipat DOPPELGANGER 215 BARBAROUS - Front and Rear Suspension

Spesifikasi Produk

Specifications Price

  • Takeshi Tamotsu 1490 mm
  • Size W900 × H640 × D390 mm folding folding
  • ※ The data measured at the depth of the non-mounted pedals. Weight 13.2 Kg
  • ※ LED lights, lock wire (or pouch), including
  • Saddle height 765-915 mm
  • Handle height 990 mm
  • Handle width 590 mm
  • Tire size 20 × 1.75inch
  • Frame Color Noble Orange (Orange Noble) / Savage black (Black Savage)
  • Frame Material Aluminum
  • Material Aluminum front fork
  • Shimano 7-speed gearbox
  • Fixed Pedals Pedals VP-990A
  • Shimano Dual Control shift lever, right lever
  • Stage 7 Minimum Freewheel: 14T maximum: 28T 52T Chainwheel
  • Front brake, rear / V Brake
  • The maximum crew weight less than 85kg
  • Suggested retail price 41,000 yen (43,050 yen including tax)
  • LED front light fittings (DL-03),
  • seat post mount type wire lock,
  • instruction manual, cap nut × 4, a tool stand (installed unit), tie - down belt
  • JAN CODE 4582143465022
  • Packing weight 17.8 kg
  • Carton Size W880 × H680 × D375mm (about 8.1 years)
  • Dunlop valve valve type (Woods Valve)


  • Steel suspension fork
  • Aluminum rims 20 "× 1.5 × 14G × 28H
  • Steel spoke F: 188mm, R: 185/183mm
  • Front Hub Steel φ3 / 8 "× 100 × 28H × 145mm
  • steel rear hub / 8 "× 28H × 190mm × 135 (L25/R30)
  • Alumnium Handle Bar W: 580mm, RISE: 50mm
  • Headset Steel 8-PCS
  • Aluminum Handlebar EXT: 40mm, H: 310mm
  • aluminum seatpost 52T
  • Chainwheel 170mm
  • aluminum cranks Chain 1 / 2 "× 3 / 32" × 106LINK
  • Freewheel Minimum: Maximum 14: 28T
  • Aluminum brake lever
  • Bottom bracket
  • coil cable lock wire lock φ8 × 600mm
  • White LED lights LED 5PC Aluminum>

Detail Produk

Usia Dewasa

Identitas Produk

Model: 215 BARBAROUS
Ukuran: 20 Inci
Kategori Produk: Folding Bike
A twin-type curve 前後サスペンション
Front and rear suspension # 前後オフロードタイヤ
About off-road tires # ライズバー(アップ)ハンドル Raizuba (UP) Handle # アルマイトグリップ
Anodized Grip # サムシフター7段変速
7-speed Samushifuta

Status Produk: Diskontinu

3 Sepeda Lipat DOPPELGANGER 215 BARBAROUS - Front and Rear Suspension 4 Sepeda Lipat DOPPELGANGER 215 BARBAROUS - Front and Rear Suspension

Product Concept

DOPPELGANGER ® models with new new face became synonymous with a twin said, "215/Barbarous (barbarous)" appeared.

The major difference between traditional and 2xx series is built around the suspension.
In addition to off-road tires, "offloader 20 inches" that created a new category.

Ikana 踏破 bad roads and also, his dash across the road himself, just rude, barbarous Barbarous means appropriate to give the viewer the impression bears the name of.>

Hiraku Kimi - September 2

Product Concept

DOPPELGANGER ® black color of the new concept of color coordination × orange plus white.

Samushifuta and anodized grip is part of the handle into the eye when you took the riders, tubes, mesh, "the visual sense of" that stuck>
Raizubaappuhandoru the handle portion and adopted, and ride my bike around a bike makes sense that a clear distinction exists.

Its superiority may be just too complacent. However, it continues to insist that his personality at all times.

"I'm me. Others others"

Welcome to the rush to pioneer their own way entirely,

"215Barbarous" is appropriate.

Product Concept

As you can see the design and function introduced earlier, was born to have an overwhelming identity 215Barbarous.

And how the rider would be unique, no individuality in the riding of bicycles, there is caused discord.
Looks who pursue it looks necessary in pursuit of the bike. Both the crowd 紛Reyou example, no extraordinary presence of never losing its presence.

"People are even doing, not on its own without you."

All riders to continue to explore the uniqueness of being over there

Hiraku Kimi - September 15
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