Helm Sepeda United F22 Raptor Road Sport XC

United F22 Raptor Flaming JeanUnited F22 Raptor NeoBlade Blue/WhiteUnited F22 Raptor NeoBlade Red/White

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United F22 FlyingWing White/GreyUnited F22 Raptor Flaming JeanUnited F22 Raptor NeoBlade Blue/White

United F22 Raptor Road Sport XC Bike Helmet

The 2 Series and the 3 Series are where UNITED started our legend. It is the F-22 Raptor ground-breakingly rocked the world with our EPU IN-MOLD2 technology. The sharp and aerodynamic F-38R Lightning R successfully continued F-22's legend and set a new benchmark of high performance. Even today, these two timeless models are still widely welcome by many markets and faithfully carrying on their duty: helping people meet the safety and quality by our EPU IN-MOLD2 technology.
The F-38R Lightning R just perform as sharp and fast as its name, especially favoured by many speedters.
The F22 Raptor is a classic all-round helmet. It is also the easiest way to enjoy UNITED's EPU IN-MOLD2 quality and safety. The combination of C-rib structure and rear negative vents provide a very high performance on lightweight and ventilation even within today's standard.
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