Sepeda Hibrid Doppelganger D9 MidtownRush 700C

Sepeda Hibrid Doppelganger D9 MidtownRush 700CSepeda Hibrid Doppelganger D9 MidtownRush 700C

d9 - MidtownRush (Concept)

Function: Maximum.Component: Minimum.


As producing bicycles, there are many necessary parts, like handle-bars, cranks, derailleurs and brakes.It means a bicycle is ensemble of many parts. How to express its concept if their all parts are set? We quite simply concentrate on that point.
It?s common to be judged bicycles by model numbers and the specifications on the catalog, for instance, ?component made by xxx company,? ?what models?/which speeds of derailleurs are equipped.?
However, we re-think. These specifications are what we really need or not. They are just the specifications that compete with other bicycles with the point of labels, and ignore what customers really need.
?DOPPELGANGER?d9 MidtownRush?made by those antithesis and our suggestions.

We have already mentioned, as it is bicycle, bicycles need minimum parts for they are existing as bicycles. We believe component doesn?t decide bicycles, bicycles themselves decide components. This is our basic idea for producing bicycle, and we design the bicycle that parts fit the bicycles.
Of course, not only design, we also pursue for basic performance as bicycle. We take its weight heavy on ?man-machine interface,? size and positions of parts are decided by a number of test rides.

Spesifikasi Produk

  • Total length 1730 mm
  • Weight 14.0 kg
  • Saddle height 860 - 990 mm
  • Handle height 930 mm
  • Handle width 590 mm
  • Tire size 700 x 28 inch
  • Frame color Fahrenheit
  • Frame material Alloy
  • Fork material Steel
  • Derailleur Shimano21
  • Pedal Pedal VP990A
  • Shift lever Shimano dual thumb shift R:7-speed/L:3-speed
  • Free-wheel MIN:14T * MAX:28T
  • Chain-wheel 28 x 38 x 48
  • Brake Front, rear/disc brake
  • List price Open price
  • Accessories Instruction manual(Japanese) / Nut cap×2 / Stand(mounted) / Tool / Reflector / Bell
  • JAN CODE 4582143464834
  • Quantity 1
  • Gross weight 18.0 kg
  • Carton size 1360 x 720 x 220 mm
  • Valve French valve

  • Fork Steel 1-1/8"x209mm L:380mm
  • Rim Alloy 700Cx14Gx36H
  • Spoke Steel F:265/267mm, R:265/267mm
  • Front hub Alloy Quick Releace/Disk Brake 100mmx14Gx36H
  • Rear hub Alloy φ3/8"x185mmx135mmx14Gx36H
  • Handle bar Alloy φ25.4mm W:580mm
  • Handle stem Alloy E:90mm, H:40mm
  • Seat post Steel φ27.2mmx300mm
  • Crank Alloy 170mm
  • Chain 1/2"x3/32"x114LINK
  • Brake lever Alloy
  • Bottom bracket Cartridge BC1.37x24TPI, 68-126mm
  • Wire lock Coil cable lock φ8mmx600mm
  • LED light Alloy alloy white LED 9PC
  • Total length - 1730 mm
  • Weight - 14.0 kg
  • Frame material - alloy
  • Derailleur - Shimano21
  • Frame color - Fahrenheit

Detail Produk

Usia Dewasa; Gender Unisex

Identitas Produk

Merek Doppelganger, Nomor dan Nama Model D9 MidtownRush
Ukuran 700C
Jenis Produk Sepeda Hibrid, Kategori Produk Road Bike

Sepeda Hibrid Doppelganger D9 MidtownRush 700CSepeda Hibrid Doppelganger D9 MidtownRush 700C
Sepeda Hibrid Doppelganger D9 MidtownRush 700CSepeda Hibrid Doppelganger D9 MidtownRush 700C

Shows our ?soul


We are sure it is the proof we have got recognized and accepted that a lot of followers have appeared to compete against us. What is the difference between us and followers? Our definite answer is the ?concept.? As we have already mentioned, there is a concept in the beginning of production. Along each concept, we carefully select framework, colors and components and form them with the best balance in terms of function and design. The word ?concept? can be replaced to ?soul?. We put utmost importance on whether there is s soul of producers there. Without a ?soul?, the product can be seen as empty shell as its shape looks like the same. We believe it is our pride and responsibility as a leading company in the market, to produce ?things you really long for buying? than ?things you need to buy necessarily,? and to bring forth our products to show our souls and move your soul. We never stop moving forward to meet and get beyond your expectation and imagination. We will be in the next or further step when our followers start investigating our products and designing. We do not feel any pressure to be followed as we are fundamentally and absolutely different from those followers. One is to keep creating the new, and the other is to just keep mimicking, that is to say, it is a clear difference between the creator and not. We can create from zero, but followers cannot do so, just mimic our creations. Our creativity, originality and values we have are inimitable and incomparable. We keep looking forward, moving on and challenging to create the new values.

?DOPPELGANGER?is ?alter ego?


German word?DOPPELGANGER?is same meaning of English word for alter ego.
The goods which are possessed by someone express the character of the owner.
If you have something that others don?t have, it expresses your character which is something different from others?. And if you have something trendy, it expresses that you are fashion-conscious. It will come through without realizing.
Also DOPPELGANGER hopes to be alter ego of the rider?s character. That is why they are simple but have enough individuality that others don?t have.
Unlike BMX or rode bikes which exist everywhere and have flashy colors and graphics so that you cannot ride with casual close, DOPPELGANGER bicycles will flatter not only themselves but also their owners.

Persistence to adopt the lightweight parts, and a feeling of operation.


DOPPELGANEGR is not only for the sales purpose, but also pursue basic performance as bicycle with adopting alloy on not only frame, but also seat post, handle-stem and other small parts.
These light weight parts make operational feeling by decreasing of inertial weight when we control handles, high stability by under slung structure, and they are highly affected to ride quality.

The crank is also aluminum but it is required high intensity so we adopted aluminum by forging-process.
Of course these are costly parts, however, ?we judged they are necessary after deep consideration,? that?s why we adopt them. The merit of ?lightweight? has many aspects like less up thrust and comfortable ride quality, easy to start pedaling, smooth cornering, less fatigue with long time driving, and so on.

Furthermore, the seat post attachment type wire lock which can be stored stylishly, and the bicolor aluminum LED front light (DL-03) which have 9 cannons high-intensity white LED is attached as standard equipment (It is possible to wear a mudguard as an option) -- everyday use is also considered.
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    1. Toko kami buka setiap hari dari jam 08.00-18.00.

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    1. Sepeda Hibrid Doppelganger D9 700C ada. Pengiriman Tangerang bisa oleh cargo (7 hari tiba) atau Kurir (tiba di hari yang sama). Ongkos kirim baru bisa dipastikan kalau bapak mengirimkan alamat lengkap.

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  5. Stock D9 nya masih ada tdk, harga terupdate nya berapa?

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    1. Sepeda Hibrid Doppelganger D9 Midtown Rush 700C,harga Rp2.500.000,harga tidak termasuk ongkos kirim.
      Program cicilan 0% tanpa bunga menggunakan kartu kredit bank bca,bni,permata,cimb niaga,untuk bank bukopin tidak bisa mengikuti program cicilan 0%. tanpa bunga.

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  7. Mau tanya kalo sepeda doppleganger D9 Midtown kalo ganti ban paling lebar ukuran berapa? soalnya badan saya gemuk.

    1. Sepeda Hibrid Doppelganger D9 Midtown Rush 700C,harga Rp2.500.000,harga tidak termasuk ongkos kirim.
      Kami tidak bisa memastikan karena kami harus cek terlebih dahulu pelek sepeda hibrid doppelganger D9 berapa inci.

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