BabyDoes CH758 Baby Bouncer with ToyBar and Vibration

BabyDoes CH758 Baby Bouncer with ToyBar and Vibration
Kursi rebah bayi new born hingga usia 6 bulan atau berat badan 9kg. Getarannya yang lembut menenangkan bayi Anda.

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Spesifikasi Produk

  • Colorful, smiling zoo friends cradle baby in a comfy seat.
  • Calming vibration and gentlely bouncing motion comfort and soothe baby
  • Toybar with five hanging toys can invite baby to reach, grasp, bat and tug, enhancing eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills
  • Toybar with soft fabric and removable to easily get baby in and out.
  • 3-point harness and non-slip feet keep baby secure
  • Machine-washable seat pad

Detail Produk

Suitable for babies up to 6 months, weighing up to 9 kg
Do not use the reclined cradle once your child can sit unaided.

Identitas Produk

Merek BabyDoes, Nomor dan Nama Model CH758
Jenis Produk Baby Bouncer, Kategori Produk Bouncer and Rocker
1 BabyDoes CH758 Baby Bouncer with ToyBar and Vibration
Gambar ini Sebagai Ilustrasi Saja. Ketersediaan Warna Produk Dapat Berbeda
Spesifikasi Sewaktu-waktu Dapat Berubah Tanpa Pemberitahuan Terlebih Dahulu

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