ELC Blossom Farm 3 in One Sit Me up Cozy

ELC Blossom Farm 3 in One Sit Me up Cozy

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Spesifikasi Produk

  • Stage 1: Soft inflatable nest for your young baby
  • Stage 2: Flower-shaped cushion for tummy time play on the floor
  • Stage 3: Great for your bigger baby to sit up and play

  • 3 detachable toys – with bell, mirror, rattle and teether
  • Sit Me Up Cosy lasts your baby's whole first year and beyond

Detail Produk

Age New Born +
Weight: 1.5 kg; Height: 30.8 cm; Width: 40.8 cm; Depth: 25.8 cm

Identitas Produk

Merek ELC Blossom Farm, Nomor dan Nama Model 3 in One
Jenis Produk Sit Me Up Cosy, Kategori Produk Baby Playmat

ELC Sit Me Up Cosy

ELC Blossom Farm 3 in One Sit Me up Cozy ELC Blossom Farm 3 in One Sit Me up Cozy

A brilliantly versatile soft and cosy nest, the Blossom farm Sit Me Up Cosy takes your baby through their whole first year.

The Blossom Farm 3-in-1 Sit Me Up Cosy starts as a soft nest for your newborn baby. The inflatable baby nest is a supportive first place to lie and look around. As your baby grows, they can reach and play for the three hanging toys – with a mirror, rattle and bell. When your baby starts to roll, you can use the soft cushioned pad from the Sit Me Up Cosy for tummy time play. The Sit Me Up Cosy nest is also a comfy place for your baby to practise sitting up, with a soft and friendly face.

Great for your child's development:

This Blossom Farm 3-in-1 Sit Me Up Cosy baby nest encourages your newborn baby's senses to start developing straight away. As they lie in the 3-in-1 Sit Me Up Cosy, they can enjoy looking at – and soon reaching for – the hanging toys. The contrasting colours, different textures and sounds encourage your baby to discover and develop their senses. As your baby grows, the mat encourages them to explore, roll and use their body and hands. When your baby wants to sit up, the nest is the perfect place to practise sitting safely while they play.

ELC Star quality:

We love the Blossom farm 3-in-1 Sit-Me-Up Cosy as it adapts so well through all your baby's amazing changes. Babies develop so much in their first year, but the Sit-Me-Up Cosy changes with every exciting new stage. We've chosen the high-quality soft fabrics, contrasting colours and different textures to stimulate your baby's senses as they develop and begin to explore. And the inflatable nest is a great spot for your baby to enjoy sitting in later on.

What you need to know:

The Blossom Farm 3-in-1 Sit Me Up Cosy is great to use at home to encourage lying, sitting, kicking and stretching.
Safety warnings: Do not let your baby sleep in this product.
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