Elite QY12AP Super Scooter Dual Pedal Scooter

1 Elite QY12AP Super Scooter Dual Pedal Scooter
The pedal fitness bike has applied for utility and appearance design patents. Made of aluminum and engineering plastics, looks beautiful with new style and firm, practical enough. Trampled by the feet when using pedals through fitness gear transmission to make the car run forward. Bike with handbrake, in order to stop in time when parking.
Tail of bike with rear pedal used for:
  1. Stepping on the bike,  make rider conveniently and smoothly.
  2. Rear pedal is equipped with two rear wheels to prevent upturned. Safety using for children because of design with security protection.
It is a good toy bike for entertainment as well as exercise body, such as improve flexibility, balance, coordination and reaction ability. Suitable for using indoor as treadmill also can breathe fresh air outdoor when you take it out.Exercise the body and enjoy leisure of fun.

Spesifikasi Produk
  • Fold compactly for easy storage and carrying
  • Easy to assembly and open 
  • Kick Scooter: Dual Pedal Scooter

  • Aluminum Alloy Frame
  • Handle Brake
  • Bell
  • Height-adjustable Handle Bar
  • Two rear wheels to prevent upturned

Detail Produk
This product is suitable for children age between 6 - 15 years old
Kemasan: Berat Kotor 8kg, Berat Bersih 6,7kg; Dimensi Kemasan 79cm x 28cm x 23cm
Identitas Produk
Merek Elite, Nomor dan Nama Model QY12AP Super Scooter
Ukuran XL (Extra Large)
Jenis Produk Dual Pedal Scooter, Kategori Produk Skuter

2 Elite QY12AP Super Scooter Dual Pedal Scooter 3 Elite QY12AP Super Scooter Dual Pedal Scooter
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