XLG 01 Leisure Dual Pedal Drive Scooter

1 XLG 01 Leisure Dual Pedal Drive Scooter

Identitas Produk

Merek: XLG
Model: XLG01 Leisure Dual Pedal Drive Scooter
Kategori Produk: Scooter
Material: Alumunium Alloy, Plastic
Maximum Unfolded Dimension: Length 74cm x Width 34cm x Heigth 93cm.
This product is only for amusement and fitness, do not use it for competition, jumping, performance or doing mechanical alterattion.
  • This scooter, made of excellent aluminium alloy, elegant and firm, is suitable for children aged over 7 years.
  • It generates drive according to gear rotation theory and more beneficial to slide.
  • Wheels are made with special materials, featuring abrasion resistance, high temperature resistance, high sensitivity and durability.

  • Regular use of it can exercise body balance, flexibility and coordination, improve reaction capacity, while ralaxing and amusing, also increase amount of exercise, strengthen resistibility.
  • In outdoors, it can subistitute for treadmill, children can use it in different places to do physical exercise, broaden the visual fields, breathe the fresh air, enjoy family (individual) leisure pleasure.

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2 XLG 01 Leisure Dual Pedal Drive Scooter
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