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TABIBITHO in Japanese means… He is a Traveler (旅人)

He can take us through his journey, to see the various wonders of the world. Let it be places, countries, or landscape through his journey or experiencing adventures like the circus or beach or outer space

From him there is a sense of belonging to the universe… through all the various journey that he went through.
After all, it is the JOURNEY not the DESTINATIONS. So he is: – A traveler – A wanderer – An adventurer – An explorer

ABOUT tabibitho

It is the brainchild from the duo husband and wife team with the hope and inspiration to make the world a happier, healthier, by getting people on the bikes more often.
Having the background and experience from WIMCYCLE and Indonesia Bike Works, we want to make the best bikes that fit the purpose of every rider, so that people will have more fun and fit on the bikes.

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Diedit 10 Januari 2016

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